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What is pebble?

First and foremost we’re an eco lifestyle magazine that inspires and informs you all about everything you need to crack on being more circular, less wasteful, more ethical, less plastic and so on. 

pebble's mission is to inspire businesses and consumers to adopt everyday activism and end mindless consumption.

We now span the magazine, online and offline events and our fast-growing, super friendly community of people like YOU.

Want to make your everyday decisions more eco-friendly and make a positive difference at home, at work, in your communities and networks? 

Ripples is the place for you - and for now, it's all FREE.

We have over 1800 active members who are entrepreneurs, employees, authors and activists, mums and dads, students and grandparents, but they all have 1 thing in common - they know we need to embrace sustainable change for the future of the planet.

We call it #EverydayActivism and everyone is invited.

Ripples is for you if you...

  • Want to have less of an impact on the planet but don't know where to start.
  • Feel eco-anxious about the future of the planet.
  • Are bored of liking and commenting on social media and want to help make meaningful change.
  • Want to share your sustainable successes - and fails - with people who get it.
  • Want to feel supported and encouraged in making changes at home and at work.
  • Want to network with other eco-minded entrepreneurs to grow your business and collaborate with other brands.

pebble is a friendly virtual family for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the planet.

Do more than just scroll...

  • Dive into monthly topics like sustainable fashion, Net Zero and plastic alternatives across articles, events, group chats and downloadable ebooks.
  • Take meaningful action on the issues you care about, from signing petitions to forming action groups.
  • Access our growing library of resources on key sustainable topics.
  • Join quarterly book, film and podcast clubs around key eco issues.
  • Share your expertise with our community.
  • Collaborate and network with other ethical business owners.
  • All for FREE.

Frustrated with Facebook? Fed up wasting time on Instagram?

So are we.

Ethical business owner? Join our Swell Business group

  • Collaborate with other ethical brands in our B2B focused Swell group to expand your reach.
  • Find suppliers, advertise for jobs and find work opportunities.
  • Share your mission with our 900+ members.
  • Network, problem share and get advice from your peers.
  • Get insider access to pebble's expertise.
  • Exclusive monthly events with sustainable and business experts.
  • Host your own Power Hours and workshops to amplify your skills and brand to conscious consumers.

Oh, and did we mention, for now - it's all FREE!

We are a real community of real people. We talk, listen, learn and share.

Come and join us!

Our members love Ripples...

Time spent here is meaningful - when a group is on Facebook you passively scroll: but with Ripples you make the active decision to click and read. That means I recall what I see more; and I'm more likely to take action because that's the kind of space I'm in. I'm definitely more engaged with the issues that are raised, as well as being in touch with like-minded individuals and businesses that I wouldn't otherwise know about.

As an organic coffee company that is striving to be the most environmentally friendly around, pebble provides so many opportunities for Apostle Coffee to connect with and learn from an amazing community of likeminded people

I am so pleased that I found pebble – I love being part of this community. As a brand new ethical business owner I have received nothing but support and encouragement from this wonderful network. I get to meet other ethical business owners, learn about what they do, share ideas and we cheer each other on.
- Kelly

The pebble community has given me the confidence to make and send a craftivist gift and letter to my MP. I got lots of Ripples community support as I posted about my progress along the way, everyone was very encouraging. Doing this has given me the confidence to take other actions again in the future, and it’s so great knowing I have the Pebble community behind me.